About Us


India is world’s youngest country with 65% population below the age of 35.

Around 1 Mn youth join workforce every month.

The flip side however is that out of huge potential workforce, 80% are Unemployable. The biggest reason stated is the huge gap in Employability Skills (Cognitive Skills and Fundamental Competence)

Govt. of India has taken a lot of initiatives through NSDC and MSDE to ensure more & more youth of our country get employable. The Government is also encouraging Private –Public partnerships to address the problem.

At myInstalink, we are committed to address the core issue very seriously and fill the gap in desired & expected skill sets among youth. Our assessment based short term and long term EMPLOYABILITY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LEADERSHIP programs for Graduates, Undergraduates & Post Graduate students help them identify hidden talent, deep blockages and potential of youths.

Through our Programs, Our endeavour is to connect Corporates to Campuses & provide them with the quintessential information they need to gear up for future!


To create a platform through learning programs for the educated youth to realise their true potential as Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Future leaders.


myInstaLink is focusing on Campus and Corporate Learning and Training through:


Academically certified and Professionally Trained dynamic, empathetic and innovative people from diversified background with more 100 years of accumulated experience. Total work flow is distributed among independent working teams synergised to develop state of the art training design and help people and organization grow at global benchmarks


Gap Assessment

  1. Screening Test
  2. Mock Filter
  3. Critical Instance
    Customized assessment Tests are conducted on Individual and Groups based on batch size, level and requirement.

Capsule Input

  1. Interactive lectures
  2. Competence Based Inputs
  3. Global Knowledge Building Capsule Input
    Input Level are customized based on pre-assessment and consist of offline and online methods.

Calculate Progress

  1. Individual Summative Assessment
  2. Project Analysis
  3. Top Profile* Mapping (Top 10 or 10% of total whichever is less)

70 to 80% progress mapping is done based on data, facts and various tests while 20-30% rest on observations